This EW can be cancelled within 10 days of purchase without any reason whatsoever. Upon cancellation of the EW no charge will be deducted from the amount paid towards the EW and the entire amount shall be refunded. Cancellation* request can be made within 10 days from the Purchase date of EW.

If the Customer makes a request, knowing it to be false and/or fraudulent as regards the value or the amount of work or otherwise, this Service Agreement is deemed to be cancelled from inception without return of money paid and the customer must return all request payments received till such cancellation, including any shipping charges or other ancillary charges incurred by the Company.


a) In the event of your product requiring repair, Extra care will undertake to get your product repaired.

b) Subject to the other terms and conditions mentioned in this document, Extra Care provides committed timelines for repairs. In the event that your product requires repairs, Extra Care will get the repairs carried out within a period of Maximum 12 working days (28 working days for Televisions) from the date of registering a request with Extra Care. If Extra Care is unable to get your product of repaired within the time period specified above from the date of registering a request, you will be eligible to receive a replacement product/gift card from Extra Care, provided that:
1) There is no delay in providing access to the product to us when we request you to provide such access to us for repairs; any delay in providing access to the product will extend the commitment by the delayed period.
2) You are able to provide the correct documentation to us on time when we request you for it; any delay in handing over the correct documentation to us will extend the commitment by the delayed period.
3) You respond within reasonable time to a request(s) for any relevant information regarding the product or to any other information sought by us to process your request quickly; any delay in responding to us in a timely manner will extend the commitment by the delayed period.
4) At times, global events disrupt the supply of spare parts for an extended period of time, when brands are unable to provide spare parts due to large-scale disruptions in their operations. While Extra Care will make all efforts to provide a resolution in the committed timelines, the Service Timeline will not apply when spare parts supply is disrupted due to events over which Extra Care has no control especially when those events disrupt global supply chains. However, Extra Care shall inform you of any such delay.

*In case of cancellation, refund will be processed through same mode within 10 working days.